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EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!  WE HAVE ADDED AUCTIONS AND ONLINE AUCTIONS TO OUR SERVICES. Bonnie of Estate Sales by Bonnie and now Estate Sales and Auctions by Bonnie knows  there is nothing like walking the walk to understand the emotional importance of having someone you trust help you through the decision of having an estate sale; or auction...... being relieved of the overwhelming feeling of literally not knowing what to do next.  When Bonnie's mother-in-law  had to move to assisted living and soon after passed away...she was faced with taking care of her estate to help pay for her care.  Bonnie did not have anyone to help her.  A lady at church told Bonnie about Dolores Julian who handled estate sales.  Desperate and in tears, Bonnie gave Dolores a call.  The kindness, patience and respect that Dolores gave her that day is what defines Bonnie's desire to "pay it forward."

Bonnie's family come from Bates City, Missouri, a small farming community East of Kansas City. Preserving what you own, knowing and respecting your possessions was every day life.  Her family moved to Independence, Mo where she finished grade school and high school.
While still in high school Bonnie's Aunt, who was an antique dealer, talked her into going to her first auction.  Now bare in mind, Bonnie had attended many auctions of all kinds with her family from farm sales, livestock sales, to just good ole digging through whatever yard sales....but this was a new experience and she learned fast.  Through the years her Aunt and Uncle literally bought and sold antiques from Bonnie so she could purchase something else she had found for herself or for someone else.
Bonnie's father collected antique toys and her mother collected glass, so auctions became a way of life...especially New Years Day.  The whole family attends an annual New Years Day Auction. Later everyone gathers to compare purchases over a meal of black eye peas
Appraising and collecting requires years of learning and stubbing your toe from time to time...but that is how you learn.  Now Bonnie's children, Rusty and Christy, grandchildren, Austin, Josh and Isabelle are digging through boxes and enjoying the action and thrill of "what did you find and celebrating a "won" bid.

Stepping back a bit, Bonnie had to make a living to support her habit of collecting and two children.  She entered the real estate industry in the early 1980's and quickly became a top producer and broker in Missouri and Kansas.  Again, her attention to detail, her talent and desire to help people has made for a successful real estate career including real estate management for over 25 years.  Now that Bonnie has retired from the Real Estate Industry, she is able to devote her time to what she loves to do and "pay forward" the kindness and professionalism that was given to her at a critical time in her life;  

Bonnie has assembled a staff of experienced sales people, appraisers, dedicated researchers and hard workers to make your sale a success  "I look. forward to the opportunity to visit with you, determine what your needs are and share the experience that I had several years ago.  I feel confident  with our combined backgrounds and knowledge you will be pleased with our staff. and the results of the decisions we make together." 

 "Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time learning about our family and our company. We are here to make your life easier."